We believe achieving a literate society

begins with evidence-based research.

At WY Lit, we love facts, evidence, and research. Here are some basic but important facts about the urgency of our mission. Quiz yourself!

What percentage of Americans are dyslexic?

What percentage of inmates are functionally illiterate?

What percentage of low literacy adults live in poverty?

What is the annual cost of special education in WY?

What is the annual cost of incarceration in WY?

How much would it cost to train K-12 teachers in evidence-based literacy instruction?

True or false:

Children with dyslexia see and write letters and words backwards.

True or false:

On average, dyslexic children perform 20 points lower on IQ tests.

True or false:

Brain scans differ between children with dyslexia and those without dyslexia.

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