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Literacy is a fundamental building block of a successful society, and WY Lit advocates for evidence-based literacy instruction

for all Wyoming children.


Your contribution to WY Lit provides training in comprehensive, evidence-based literacy assessment, instruction, and intervention as well as how to identify the signs of dyslexia and other reading difficulties. WY Lit is dedicated to helping Wyoming become a nationwide leader in evidence-based learning—but it will take a significant financial commitment.


Together, we can prevent the social and economic impact of reading failure in Wyoming.

You may donate to WY Lit here.

Teacher training impacts student outcomes. Empowering teachers with research-based knowledge about reading instruction is the mission of Donna Hejtmanek, founder of The Science of Reading - What I Should Have Learned in College.

Read WA, Boon Philanthropy, and WY Lit share Donna’s mission and are collaborating with her to create a unique teacher training scholarship fund.

Selected scholarship recipients will receive training in Dr. Deb Glaser’s Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools. Dr. Glaser developed these research-based tools to empower all teachers to be reading specialists.

Share your love of reading. Join us in empowering teachers with the tools they need to provide research-based reading instruction.

You may donate to the Science of Reading Teacher Scholarship Fund here.

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