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Here at WY Lit, we know literacy skills are not something children are born with. We also know that a challenge is always less overwhelming with support, so we've put together some of our favorite resources to help and to educate. Need help connecting with a specific resource? Contact us! Literacy is our business.


Pull up a chair and check out some of WY Lit's favorite websites. The evidence-based literacy movement is strong, growing, and full of practical information and tips.


Podcasts and audio documentaries provide compelling deep dives into stories that matter; WY Lit recommends these and will continue to add stories you shouldn't miss.


Chances are you want to read everything

to learn more about specific learning disabilities, evidence-based literacy instruction, and how to face reading challenges. We have recommendations!

Important Reads

We've put together a list of recent articles about literacy in the news and academic journals that will make you feel smarter (and maybe even a little more fired-up!)


Not all assessments are designed to support evidence-based literacy instruction. Check out our recommendations for the best of the best.


Teachers, parents, and caregivers have options for learning best practices and instructional strategies to teach reading and support children who struggle to read.

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